Each year our arts-focused program is aimed at delivering positive outcomes in providing job exposure, social skills training and filmmaking  opportunities.

  • ARTS

    AMP Arts is an after school program that provides a group of kids with the opportunity to learn the process of film making as they build relationships with adult mentors. Over a period of 3 months this program meets once per week and culminates with a premiere of the films the kids create. This program allows for growth in a vast amount of areas, most notably creative expression, writing, speaking, planning, and social skills. Click here to see the film created by the kids and leaders of amp arts during the Spring of 2015.

  • Outings

    Throughout the year AMP takes groups of kids from the Highland Park area to provide them with experiences they would otherwise not have. This is accomplished in many ways as the outings have many different focuses. Click here to see an album of photos from an outing we did where kids learned about photography and had their photos displayed in an art show. 

  • camps

    Each summer we hold a camp which is open to the entire community. Over 50 kids join us for a week of fun and excitement as dozens of mentors lead groups through games, music, and teaching time. Click here to see a video of the 2015 AMP Summer Camp.